Who we are & what we do

VW LT45 r.v 1982
VW LT45 r.v 1982

Our company is not so completely new.


We started repairing caravans for customers in 2014. At the beginning of our activity, we dealt with repairs of our own cars and caravans. In addition, we take care of servicing the cars of one entire transport company.
Many times people who have seen our work have asked us the question, "why don't we repair motorhomes for other people"?

So we decided to give it a try!


I carried out my first conversion of the VW LT 45 from a sheet metal van in 1987-1988 and my ,,grandfather "still serves us.
I enclose a few videos: some completed projects so that you can get a picture of what we can do and what we are not afraid of !!!

Reconstruction of the Mercedes G-Klasse


In 2005, I bought the dead gecko I wanted from firefighters from Austria,
but financially it was beyond my means, so I decided to build it
from the old immovable wreck according to your ideas. So we got into it
with a friend they let go and managed work in 3 months,

                                                               including Saturdays and Sundays into the night.


                                                              But the results worth it, judge for yourself.




rekontrukce Frankia Mobil 730
rekontrukce Frankia Mobil 730

Reconstruction of the Frankia Mobil A730

One of the other projects was the reconstruction of the Frankia A730.
The repair took 3 months, the entire side was replaced, including a complete repair of logs, insulation, etc. Complete reconstruction of the alcove logs and part of the left side, interior and bathroom, water and electricity, painting and finally stickers according to the original appearance.







Reconstruction of a Chevy Van Tioga Arrow from the 80s.

The car was completely disassembled, only the skeleton of the living area was welded
and not so well yet, the angles didn't play exactly as we wanted etc. 

We had to reinforce the whole structure and tighten the angles
wood, but in the end, it turned out well and he already has a new coat as you can see.



Chevy is going home, bye-bye and lot's of adventure.

Leaking into the caravan

The almost new Knaus had trouble with mold in the alcove tip above the driver.
We found that the edge of the plywood ceiling is exposed under the plastic waterand it began to suck water into the interior, which was not good of course. 

We dried the edges, closed with paint and putty, glued the plastics from the top,

 that the water from the roof went over them.

We left the bottom of the plastic so that it could breathe and any water that could

leak out. Such a great idea as you cas see by yourself. 

Reconstruction of the "small" Fiat Talento

 I complied with the wishes of a customer who has a grandfather Fiat - ( short living room )
That he could  sleep there, sit with friends and in rainy weather just to sit by the table

I think we met his expectations and really fulfilled his wishes.
The reconstruction took two weeks and it was quite simple but functional and due to space (approx. 4m2).

I think we used it to the maximum as you can see

Monkayo ​​caravan repair

Bubbles formed repeatedly on the outer plate and did not stop, there was no residue and it had to be opened, and the problem was immediately clear: rotten logs holding water and the plate corroded from below.

It was immediately clear after opening. It'll take some time, but we'll put it together.

(I'm attaching the first video of what's hidden under the alu with most older caravans.
Of course, it is necessary to use SAVO on the mold and digest everything

(all those fungi and other types of mold) even if you have no idea because the original,

washable wallpapers are airtight and the topcoat relatively too, it just blooms and thrives inside :(
You can see the progress of work in our photo gallery.

Reconstruction of  Reimo 1991 (on chassis MB100D)

Another act that cost us two and a half months of work is the resurrection

of the Mercedes Benz 100D created by Reimo in 1991, and we had the honor

of bringing it back to life.
We did our best to make it look and work as if it were born and the travel

and experiences of its owner awaited it.
(I attach to you how we took care of her and how it turned out in the end)