- We perform repairs of caravans and motorhomes of all types, we are very creative with rich experience.
- We will deal with arresting water, non-functioning accessories, accidents,
plating, individual descriptions, including descriptions of bubble sheets,
by coating aluminum and steel sheet, interior renovation, and many other ailments.


- We also perform regular service, both on motorhomes or caravans, but
also on vans and commercial vehicles (changes of operating fluids, oils,
brake components, exhausts).


- New caravan casing
- Repair of furniture and making a new one
- Wallpapering
- Complete wiring
- LED lighting
- Reversing cameras
- Installation of solar panels


- We also provide new: online consulting (via Skype) or on-site consulting in Klánovice.
Certainly, not everyone can afford to pay for the entire reconstruction or just minor repairs with us and if you are
do-it-yourselfers and you just need help with the technological process, we will be happy to help you like this :)


Thank you for choosing us


Reconstruction Caravans Team