Installation of solar panels

Montaz 150W  na Frankii
Montaz 150W na Frankii

Solar battery charging (for those who like to go wild)

Solar battery charging (for those who like to go wild)

We started to ,,flirting“ with solar panels.
We chose 100W and 150W panels suitable for direct charging of 12V classic acid car batteries in caravans.

I always wanted it for my ,,grandfather caravan“ because after two days on fishing I was dead with my back battery, so all I had to do was turn on the car, or turn on the old Honda or join the 220.


We have now made a variant of affordable 100W and 150W panels, including regulators, on our own living rooms, and it looks more than good I have to say.


Also, the problem with disconnecting the solar when connected to 220V is already solved and it is still in the research phase to use the surplus for water heating, but this is a matter of only a few days.

My latest findings are, as far as lighting, television, and hoods are concerned, 100W is enough, but the refrigerator does not tighten.

Let’s see the rest guys.